CloroxPro™ Disinfecting Bio Stain & Odor Remover, Refill, 128 Fluid Ounces (Formally Branded Clorox Commercial Solutions®)

128 fl oz


Usage Instructions

This product may be used to pre clean or decontaminate critical or semi critical medical devices prior to sterilization or high-level disinfection. 

DISINFECTION HARD, NONPOROUS SURFACES: Spray 6"–8" from surface until surface is thoroughly wet. Allow this product to penetrate and remain wet for contact time listed on organism table. Then wipe. For heavily soiled areas, a precleaning is required. Rinse with potable water for food-contact surfaces. For all others, no rinsing is required. 

TO DISINFECT FOOD PROCESSING PREMISES (floors, walls and storage areas): Hold container 6"–8" from the surface to be treated and spray area until it is covered with the solution. Allow surface to remain wet for contact time listed on the label. For Canine Distemper, let stand for 10 minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth, mop or sponge and thoroughly rinse all surfaces in the area with potable water. Heavily soiled areas must be precleaned before using this product. Food products and packaging materials must be removed or carefully protected prior to using this product. To Deodorize: Spray until thoroughly wet. 

DO NOT SATURATE. Allow to air dry. For heavily soiled areas, a precleaning is required. To Sanitize Soft Surfaces*: Spray 6"–8" from surface. Spray until fabric is wet. 

DO NOT SATURATE. Let stand for 3 minutes. Allow to air dry. Reapply as necessary. Gross soil must be removed prior to sanitizing. For first time use on soft surfaces, spot test a small, inconspicuous area and check with manufacture care guide before use.