Naked Bacon

Naked Bacon, Uncured Bacon, Jalapeno

8 oz (0.5 lbs)


About This Product

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All Natural

The pork, spices, and techniques we use are from the best natural sources and traditional methods going back 150 years in our family.

Chemical Free

We use abolutely no chemicals like phosphates, nitrates, or nitrites in our products.

Gluten Free

We do not add any ingredients that contain gluten or are derived from gluten in our products.

Minimally Processed

Our products are made in only the most traditional ways and are not subjected to chemical smoke sprays or large machines.

Naturally Occurring Nitrates

The high quality sea salt we use has naturally occurring nitrates at levels that are healthy to humans.

No Added Nitrates

We do not add any chemical or man made nitrates to our products.

No Added Nitrites

We do not add any chemical or man made nitrites to our products.

No Preservative

We do not use any preservatives in our products such as phosphates or acids.

Nothing Artificial

Every ingredient that goes into our products is naturally occurring.

Reduced Fat

Longer smoking process at a higher temperature for lower fat and more dense, flavorful bacon

Reduced Sodium

Our high quality, all natural sea salt is produced from the evaporation of seawater. Sea salt allows our bacon to have great flavor with 25% less sodium than usda data for bacon.

Small Batch

Our bacon is made in small batches compared to many big bacon companies, which allows us to spend more time in our production process, leading to the highest quality bacon on the market.