Clorox® EcoClean™ Disinfecting Cleaner Spray Bottle, 32 Fluid Ounces

32 fl oz


Usage Instructions

TO REFILL: Twist trigger on spray bottle counterclockwise and pull upwards to remove. Align red tip tube on trigger head over small opening on the inside of the bottle. Press down on the trigger head until it clicks into place. 

SURFACE MATERIALS: Acrylic, Chrome, Glass, Glazed Ceramic, Glazed Porcelain, Plastic, Polyurethane, Porcelain Enamel, Stainless Steel, Laminates, Vinyl. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. 

TO CLEAN AND DISINFECT HARD, NONPOROUS SURFACES: Spray 6–8 inches from surface until surface is thoroughly wet. Surface must remain visibly wet for 2 minutes for bacteria and 30 seconds for viruses. Then wipe.