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Full Serve Vegetables

ZUCCHINI TOTS 1 Full Serving of Vegetables in Each Serving Green Giant has done it again! Introducing Green Giant Zucchini Tots, loaded with zucchini, not potato, for a delicious way to incorporate more veggies into your lifestyle. Enjoy as a delicious snack or a crispy and crunchy side dish that is sure to steal the spotlight. 1 FULL SERVING OF VEGETABLES PER SERVING* *1 serving contains a full serving of vegetables per USDA database.


Veggies never tasted SO GOOD! Our love for vegetables began over 100 years ago. At Green Giant, our vegetables are simply picked at their peak and flash-frozen to lock in nutrients and make meals even mightier. So spark your creative side with simple, easy-prep ingredients while discovering tasty new ways to add more veggies to your plate. Picked at the Peak of Perfection the GOODness of Veggies!

Contains Bioengineered Ingredients

Contains a bioengineered food ingredient

USDA Bioengineered

This product contains bioengineered ingredients, also known as GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms, and has been labeled in accordance with the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. Bioengineered foods or ingredients have changes introduced into their DNA through genetic engineering. For more information, visit