Marie Callender's

Pie, Coconut Cream Pie

NET WT 30.3 OZ (1 LB 14.3 OZ) 859g


GMO Certification

Product Instructions

Food Safety And Quality

Do not microwave. 

Keep frozen until ready to use. 

Do not refreeze if completely thawed. 

Cover and refrigerate unused portion for up to 3 days if thawed. 

Opening Instructions

1. PULL and completely REMOVE tear strip. 

2. PULL outwards on 2 side panels to LOOSEN flaps. 

3. LIFT front panel to OPEN box lid.

Serving Directions:

To Serve Entire Pie: 

1 Remove plastic wrap from domed pie. 

2 Thaw domed pie in refrigerator overnight. 

3 Remove dome and serve. For ease in slicing, use a knife that has been moistened with warm water. 

Quick Serve By The Slice: 

1 Remove plastic wrap and dome from pie. 

2 Slice frozen pie using a sharp knife that has been placed under hot water before cutting. 

3 Thaw each slice on a plate in refrigerator 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

4 Cover unused portion of pie with dome and return to freezer.

Storage Instructions