Clorox Healthcare

Clorox® Healthcare VersaSure™ Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes, 150 Count Canister (Package May Vary)

150 Count


General Information

Features & Benefits

ALCOHOL FREE QUAT WIPE: EPA registered to kill more than 40 microorganisms including 11 antibiotic resistant organisms clean and disinfect with these quaternary ammonium disinfecting wipes

BLEACH FREE CLEANER: These disinfecting wipes are noncorrosive and contain no added fragrances chemical odors fumes or bleach

MUTLI-SURFACE CLEANER: Great for clinical usage these wipes work to disinfect most bacteria and viruses in as little as 30 seconds

DISINFECTING WIPES: Ready-to-use one-step cleaner disinfectant wipes measure 6 inches x 5 inches

FOR USE IN HEALTHCARE SETTINGS ONLY: Use in Healthcare settings including hospitals, medical facilities, dental offices, veterinary offices and long term care facilities