Clorox® Disinfecting Bathroom Foamer with Bleach, Original, 128 Fluid Ounce Refill Bottle (Package May Vary)

128 fl oz


Features & Benefits

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EPA-Registered Disinfectant

EPA Reg. No. 5813-24. 

EPA Est. No. 5813-CA-3 (A8), CA-3 (H8), GA-1 (A4), GA-2 (VG), IL-2 (VF); 58455-IN-1 (C6), IN-2 (01); 71106-GA-2 (E8); 71681-GA-1 (JQ), IL-2 (24); 9019-OH-1 (KD), OH-2 (JS); 74750-GA-1 (JJ). Beginning of batch code indicates Est. No.