Clorox® Mold Eliminator Liquid Bleach – 121 Fluid Ounces (Package May Vary)

121 fl oz


General Information

Features & Benefits

MOLD REMOVER: Kills 99.9% of tough mold and mildew that may be found on a variety of surfaces in the bathroom kitchen laundry room attic or anywhere mold or allergens might grow

DEODORIZER: Disinfect and deodorize hard nonporous surfaces including floors walls vinyl glazed tile bathtubs showers sinks and hard nonporous toys

ANTI-FUNGAL BLEACH: Anti-allergen and anti-fungal bleach formula designed to remove harmful particulates that can form on household surfaces and in your laundry

LAUNDRY SANITIZER: Get an increased level of protection in your laundry room by sanitizing bacteria and virus ridden bleachable fabrics by using as a laundry bleach

BLEACH CLEANER: Made for indoor or outdoor applications to fight stubborn mold and mildew on glazed tile, finished woodwork, outdoor furniture, fences, laundry and more