Fudgsicle, Fudge Pops

20 - 1.65 FL OZ (48.5mL) POPS NET 33 FL OZ (974mL)



SmartLabel™ includes certifications from independent organizations that have meaningful and consistent standards for product composition, environmental protection and/or social justice.

Kosher (KOF-K Dairy)

KOF-K Kosher Supervision is one of the premier kosher certifying agencies in the world, certifying thousands of products each year in the areas of food production, ingredients, flavors, fragrances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, as well as vendors, restaurants, and other suppliers of kosher products and services. Only products that meet the strictest standards of Kosher law are permitted to display this symbol. The KOF-K Dairy certification signifies that a product is kosher certified and contains a dairy ingredient(s) or is run on dairy lines without a special cleaning.